Broadcast Portfolio

During my time at University, I used Adobe Premiere Pro alone and as a group to put together short videos, news bulletins and documentaries. Here they are:

  1. An insight into mental health issues: Anxiety and Depression

This was a documentary I directed and produced to try to increase awareness of the effects of mental health issues. It was planned to be broadcast during Mental Health Awareness Week 2016.

2. Westfield Health Sheffield Hatters News Piece

This was a short video I put together within a group of 3, analysing the most successful women’s sporting club in England – their work in the community and their work on the pitch.

3. Sport Bulletin For Third Year Broadcast News Day

For this practice ‘News Day’, I was in the studio at university helping to produce a local sports bulletin. I helped film and edit the Sheffield Tigers VT, and put together the graphics for the various stories within this bulletin.

4. London 2012 Young Presenters meet Four Corners

This was part of the work I did as a ‘Young Presenter’ in the London 2012 Olympic games. We met an entertainment group who would be performing in between sporting events at the games, and interviewed them to give the audience a bit of an insight into who they were and what they were going to do.

5. BeyondThe92 Crossbar challenge

I edited this video to be part of our interactive social media streams with BeyondThe92 Magazine – which was nominated for the Best New Magazine Brand Award at the Magazine Academy Awards 2016.

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