Wrapping Jack Frost and Mike Mistletoe’s annual Christmas single

Written December 2015 for a local Sheffield blog – The SouthSheffieldBulletin

For the last seven years, the world has been treated to an annual Christmas hit from a group of parents from South Sheffield.

Rapping masterminds Simon Nicholas (AKA Wrapping Jack Frost), S. Lee Price (AKA Mike Mistletoe) and producer John Swain come together once a year to spread Christmas joy through satirical lyrics and a hilarious YouTube video.

And this year is no different.

Wrapping Jack Frost and his team have come together this year to portray a classic Christmas party in their music video, Maximum Yule.

They have brought people together from all over the local community to help create the video and join in the fun.

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The South Sheffield Bulletin caught up with the team at the set for the house party where the video will be filmed in Heeley.

“John does all the music and arrangements and organises the video. He’s the kind of kingpin of it all, really. He prompts us to get into writing mode and filming mode, so he is the major organiser and I just turn up and help write the song and get drunk!” says Wrapping Jack Frost, as he raises his glass.

‘But how did this Christmas tradition start?’ we hear you ask, “one summer, for some reason me and my wife were watching a TV show about Christmas Songs. I was a little drunk and said ‘I could write a Xmas song’ and she said ‘go on, why don’t you’. From then on, I started thinking of lyrics and the next day I thought of the line, “When you’re knocking back the bacardi breezers, don’t forget about little baby Jesus”! So that was the first line, and after I wrote a few more, people seemed to find them pretty funny.”

“The next November, John came knocking on my door and asked to record the track! So we went to his basement studio and recorded the first song. After shooting a video, we put it on YouTube and it’s now got over 4,000 views!”

“And from then on, it became a tradition for us! We do it every year and have a good laugh with a load of people from around the local community while we do so. We want to entertain our friends really, that’s the driving force behind it!”

The final video has been put on YouTube and is avaliable here:

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